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Code of Conduct

To help make our community feel safe and welcoming, this code of conduct describes how we expect people to behave and interact with each other while taking part in our community


Always be considerate, respectful and treat others how you’d want to be treated. Never start/continue flame wars or trolling and don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Always be collaborative, stay honest and don’t misrepresent the group or executive. Above all, never discriminate against or harass someone.

Be Considerate

Code Network events, workspaces and online facilities (like Discord and Facebook) are shared with the community. You should be considerate of how your actions affect the people around you and the Code Network community as a whole.

Be Respectful

Treat everyone around you in the Code Network community with respect and dignity. Every member can make a valuable contribution. Although it’s not always possible to agree, disagreement is never an excuse for poor behaviour or bad manners. Never put others down, belittle their achievements or treat them in a malicious or disrespectful way.

It’s important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or threatened, is not a productive one. We can’t allow frustration or disagreements to turn into personal attacks. We expect members of the community to be respectful and courteous of each other, whether it’s another member or someone outside of our community. All feedback, comments and criticism should be positive and should never be malicious.

Don’t start, perpetuate or become involved in flame wars, excessive trolling, personal attacks or repetitive arguments. Take matters offline (e.g. agree to meet in person) if you feel it may help resolve an argument. Don’t use any public or communal communications to make fun of, shame or disrespect someone.

Most importantly, don’t turn a conflict into a personal attack. Never use someone’s race, gender, sexuality, religion or other personal characteristics in an argument. The Safe Space Policy (SSP) covers this in more detail and should be adhered to at all times.

Be Collaborative

The most important part of Code Network is working together on projects and creating a welcoming community. Collaboration and working together helps to create meaningful connections and grow the knowledge of not only individuals, but the group as a whole.

When you reach a disagreement, consult other members. Don’t be scared to ask for help or advice on how to handle a situation. Disagreements and constructive criticism are both part of working together in a team. Don’t avoid disagreements or different views, but aim to resolve them constructively.

Be Honest

Code Network strongly values honesty and transparency. Never attempt to manipulate somebody or lie to gain personal benefit. Blackmail or manipulation of any other kind is not tolerated. If you’ve made a mistake, just own up to it. Be honest when committing to a task, posting for help or even advertising a position. Nothing loses trust quicker than being misled or manipulated.

Representation of Executive and the Group

Don’t try and pretend you are part of the executive or any other authoritative figure/group if you aren’t. Don’t make false representations of the executive or the community. Also, never state your personal opinions as official Code Network policies or procedures. Above all else, if you aren’t sure about something check with the executive first.