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General Rules

These are general rules that apply everywhere in the Code Network community, including our events, meetups and discussions.


Don’t post anything off topic. Memes etc. are ok in moderation, but avoid them. If you’re a recruiter, your job post doesn’t belong in our community. If you’re a technical looking to fill a paid role feel free to advertise it but include detailed info about the role. No advertising or self promotion - share stuff you’ve built to start conversations, not conversions. Always follow our Code of Conduct and Safe Space Policy.

Keep posts etc on topic

Our FB group is primarily for technical discussions, networking, demoing side-projects, & making friends. Occasional off-topic memes are fine, just keep in mind that excessive off-topic discussions our better suited for our community Discord server. Off-topic posts may be removed without notice at moderators’ discretion.

Recruiter/non technical looking to fill a role

If you are not in a technical role (e.g. recruiter, hiring manager, hr employee, etc.) this section applies to you. Your job advert doesn’t belong here. If you represent a company, contact your technical (development) team and send them to talk to our members. If you don’t work for a tech company, sorry, but we can’t help you. Remember, if you lie or mislead anyone we may exclude you from the community for violating our Code of Conduct.

Technical person looking to fill a role

If you are in a technical role (developer, dev ops, etc) or are an academic at an educational institution looking to fill a paid role, you don’t need to ask before sharing an opportunity. The best place to post is our Facebook group or discord. Make sure you post in the correct channels if posting in Discord. If it is an unpaid role please speak to a member of the executive to get approval. This includes all internships and “work experience” opportunities. We do this to prevent our community being taken advantage of. Finally, when sharing a position be sure to include relevant info like the language, stack and any experience that is required.

Advertising/Self Promotion

We don’t allow blatant advertising, view/lead generation or self promotion in either our Discord* or Facebook group. You can share projects, videos or any other technical thing you’ve worked on. However you must aim to seek feedback or help, create a discussion or otherwise contribute to the community. Creating a conversation is different to conversion.
*specific discord channels may allow self promotion, links etc. It must explicitly say this in the channel description.

Follow our expectations

Be kind and always follow this document, the Code of Conduct and Safe Space Policy.